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NextGen Coal is rich with history, while looking to the future. The Company revitalized the Glen Alum coal processing plant, strategically located on 15,000 acres in Wharncliffe, West Virginia. The plant allows us to produce a product matching a wide variety of customer requirements. Glen Alum is a modern, integrated rail loadout, serviced by the Norfolk Southern Railroad, capable of processing 500 raw tons per hour. A total of six underground mines are permitted and we are prospecting three additional underground mines. The property includes one active surface mine. Seams on the Glen Alum property include Lower Alma, Pond Creek, Upper Cedar Grove, Lower Cedar Grove, Eagle, Hernshaw, Chilton, and Buffalo.

NextGen Coal implements cutting edge mining techniques while controlling costs to provide an exceptional product at a savings to our valued customers. Relationships and individual customer needs embody our sales philosophy. We strive to be flexible and efficient in order to provide our customers the coal blends they require at a competitive price. Today's customer demands compel us to work proficiently, safely, and with an ecologically sound approach. We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and also recognize that safety outweighs productivity gains. The "old guard" in the coal industry is being replaced and the global customer is the key driver of change. NextGen Coal will play a large part in that change.

Our company is remarkably well positioned in a robust market that will continue to grow and meet the needs of our customers in both the steel and energy sectors. Coal is the backbone of our company and the greatest energy strength of the United States and the Central Appalachian region. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one quarter of the world's coal reserves are found within the United States and the energy content of the nation's coal resources exceed that of the entire world's known recoverable oil. The highest quality metallurgical and coking coal is found right here in the Central Appalachian region and NextGen Coal, with its vast resources and reserves, is here to stay.

NextGen also owns undeveloped property in Logan, West Virginia, with an additional 9.1 million tons of in-place reserves. This includes 6.7 million of underground reserves and 2.4 million of surface mine reserves. The surface mine is permitted, along with Peach Creek No. 1 and 2 underground mines.

NextGen Coal is union free and was formed by The Halle Companies in Maryland. West Virginia Coal Venture I LLC is the owner of the property. KWV Operations LLC is the operator of the property. NextGen Coal is our marketing name.

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